Supported devices

Below a table with information about currently supprted devices.

OS Browser Add Offline map Known problems Future support?
Android 2.2+ Default Limited offline storage.
Android 2.2+ Opera Limited offline storage, data loss on update.
Android 4+ Chrome  
Android Firefox Support is new and not thoroughly tested. ✓***
IOS Safari Data loss on update may occur. Also a precise location is not always possible on Ios. ✓*
Blackberry 6+ Default   ✓*
Firefox OS Default   ✓ ***
Windows phone 7 IE9 - -   -
Windows 8 IE10 From webobs 3.5
S60 Opera mobile Limited offline storage, data loss on update.
Others       Browsers should at least support indexeddb or webdatabase.  

* Depend on future developments on this OS.

** Not tested yet, should be working based on technical specifications.

*** Browsers supporting de web api, such as firefox have an advantage in future developments on webobs.