First visit

When you visit the site for the first time and you're using a supported browser / phone you will be redirected to the setup page. Here you can enter language and other settings. You can also enter your login information for if you want to upload to

If you then press menu and select species lists. You can choose to species lists to save on your phone. These species lists are necessary for species to choose from when entering species.

Add observation

The observations that you enter on the page 'add' will be stored on your phone and not directly on or any other website. To send observations to, choose the upload page from the menu.

species.pngSelect species

To be able to choose species you've seen you need to store the species names from the 'species lists' page. After that you can type 3 or more charcters in the field species at the 'add' page and select on the species you'll see. Type more character to limit the list.

To be able to select scientific instead of localized species names, or to match te species not only on the first letters, you can alter you're settings at the settings page. E.g. if you select 'whole name' as species match, you may enter blackbird in the species field at the 'add' page and also the common blackbird will appear.

Location sighting

location.pngThe webapp determines you're location automatically. You can alter the location on the map (if you're online), bij clicking on the coordinates. The map will show you're location as a grey circle (which indicates precision of your location), draw a orange circle by pressing the map to use an alternative location.

Press the close button in the upper left corner to go back to the form. You'll notice the gps icon is changed to indicate you're not using the gps location. You can switch to the gps location by pressing on it (left of the 'open map button').

Other info observation

The default value for behavour is unknown or the value you entered. To make the form reset to one option each time you stored a new observation, you may press extra infro and chech the option 'Make behaviour and activity default'.

Observations overview

On the page 'my sightings' you can view, alter en copy your observations.

Reuse location and time

You can copy the location and time of observations, to new observations you saw on the same spot.

Edit and remove

Press the cross to remove or the icon with the pencil to edit your observation.

Upload and Export

You can upload your observations to observado & Choose the upload page from the menu to do so. Before you can upload you have to enter your login credentials at the settings page.

If you are building your own archive of observations, you can export your observations to a file, choose export from the menu to do so.

As Webapp on Iphone/Iphone

If you have an iphone or ipad, you can use webobs as webapplication outside safari. To do so add a bookmark to the application to your home screen. This can be done by pressing on the bookmark button in your browser and choose the right option.